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Find the tools to heal all your relationships and attrack the perfect soul mate into your life.

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Whom are your guides? Communicate with them to receive messages.

Messages of love from the other side

Did your love ones or pets pass over?

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What is your life purpose and how can you manifest what you want in life.


Sibyl Harmony a nondenominational minister is an experienced international psychic, energy healer, and medium who works within the realms of the angels and ascended masters. Sibyl can give you practical answers and solutions that can help you in your daily life, you can apply now.   She can help you with:

  • Discovering your angels and guides and hearing the messages they have for you
  • Discovering your life purpose
  • Healing love, family, and other relationships
  • Past lives and karma
  • Healing at the emotional and physical levels through harmony and balance
  • Releasing trauma, abuse, addictions, and lower energies
  • Dream interpretation
  • Connecting with deceased loved ones
  • House healing and Feng Shui
  • Pet communication
  • Prosperity consciousness
  • Teaching spiritual development and psychic and healing abilities

As soon as you schedule your appointment, I start working with you. When I work with you, I’m facilitating the Divine so it can help you resolve your problems at a deep level.

My mission is to bring love, light, and healing to the planet one person at a time. I welcome everyone. I am here to help you find the answers and the love you seek.





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You can email me at sybiloracle@rocketmail.com or call me (707) 769-9997.



Sibyl sees your Guides, Higher self and lessons your working on as a spirit. She can give you practical answers to questions you can apply in daily life.



Did you loved ones pass over, do they have a message for you? Do you want to connect to your pets?



Would you like to have some tools to empower your life. Sibyl teaches spiritual development for personal or professional purposes.



Energy healing can create vitality, peace, balance and well being in the body, mind and spirit.


With her extensive tool kit, compassion, and sense of humor, Sibyl been a major asset in my support system for over 9 years.

Joni of Calif

I feel as if my cosmic heart is finally expanding,and open as a result of my angels,and guides messages from Sibyls reading and healing.

Tracy of Canada

Sibyl is really fabulous angel reader, healer. Her insights are profound. She reaches core issues with compassion and gentle strength.

Heather Australia

Sibyl balances each session with empathy messages from my guides and connection to my higher self. She connected to my deceased Mother with messages of love.

Deane Calif

Sibyl was able to help me with my business planning and also give me great relationship advice with the help of her amazing gifts and the support of the angels.

Mark from TX

Sibyl Harmony

My name is Sibyl Harmony and I am a non-denominational Minister and mystic. For decades I have worked with energy, angelic beings and healing. I have been guiding many clients, from doctors, CEOs, to housewives from around the world. I can work in person or remotely. My natural gifts are seeing, feeling, knowing, and hearing spirit.

I am established in northern California and have been reading, teaching, and healing in this community here for over twenty years.

My mission is help those that are willing to spiritually evolve, heal, find themselves, find love and peace. I’m here to help the world one person at a time evolve and heal. I work in the name of love and light.